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Dr. Shon Barnes


Shon Barnes, Chief of the Madison (WI) Police Department, is a national expert in Neighborhood Oriented Policing, focusing on smaller police beat response, police neighborhood ownership, and community engagement. He was honored as a National Institute of Justice LEADS Scholar for using innovative technology to reduce crime. He serves as a member of the National Police Institute’s Council on Policing Reforms and Race.

Tarrick McGuire, Deputy Police Chief of the Arlington (TX) Police Department, is a leading authority on police-community relations, evidence-based policing, and police reform. He has been awarded the Anthony L. Sutin Department of Justice COPS Office Award and the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Governmental Leadership in recognition of his local and national efforts to advance public safety,

Dr. Obed Magny, formerly served as a police officer in the Sacramento (CA) Police Department and now works as an executive coach and leadership speaker. He was honored as a National Institute of Justice LEADS Scholar and is co-founder and executive board member of the American Society of EvidenceBased Policing. Dr. Magny is a fellow with the National Policing Institute and is widely recognized for his expertise in emotional intelligence, evidence-based policing, officer wellness, organizational health, and police reform.

Dr. Obed Magny

Dr. Tarrick McGuire

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